Shifting: The way of 2017

One thing is certain about 2017: this is a time of monumental change.

Humanity is undergoing a massive shift, which initiates this year. The Scorpio full moon taking place this evening is a strong activator, initiating the potential of our being. One thing I am certain of is that this moment is about shedding off any pretenses we have, including following any path that isn’t completely our own. So if you think you know where you’re headed, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Over the last year, I’ve awakened to my higher self, become acquainted with my amazing spirit guides, and connected with some wonderful beings who’ve helped me over many lifetimes. However, I recently was informed that it was time for a reset. I went through several weeks feeling very little connection to spirit and knew that I wouldn’t know why until the time was right. (Cue May 10th). I know now that I’ve been allowing my ego to make some decisions that aren’t right for my spiritual and life path. The reset helped me release everything I thought I knew, and my influx of information helped understand my future path.

The utmost importance for everyone moving forward is two-fold. We MUST follow the path that is true to our own being, and we MUST learn to listen to the guidance we are given. This seems like simple instructions, but can easily be drowned by the hum of daily life. Centering is one way to reset each day, and a great way to do that is by a short mediation every morning. Another way to connect to internal (and external) guidance is by practicing silence every day. During these moments, don’t dismiss any feelings or thoughts you may have. It would be helpful to write any information you receive down to refer to later.

Consider also what you do daily. Are your actions based on what you really want to achieve, or are they based on what others have done to achieve “success” in their lives? If you are following someone else’s path, you will waste time and effort in your life’s journey. Spend time mapping out how you can incorporate what you love into your daily practice. As my guides say, “Your daily practice becomes your life.” The time is now to begin doing what our soul desires…no one else can do the job for us. No more excuses.


Sending you Love, Light and Peace,