How I Do What I Do

I am frequently asked particulars on how, what, why and when I receive information, and I know its an odd thing, something that may seem hard to wrap your head around. But before I explain how I operate, I’d like to tell you how it DOESN’T work for me…

  • I do not receive messages spontaneously throughout my day, unless the “question” or meeting has already been opened. On TV, you might see a Medium walking around and being interrupted all day long by spirit, wanting her to pass along messages. I think this potentially could have happened for me, but I decided NOT to have this type of open, continuous communication with the spirit realm because I am a mother and an otherwise busy person! Mediumship is a spiritual gift, but I primarily came here to have a human experience, so I need to be able to function in that capacity first and foremost. The exception to this is when I am about to, or already have “linked in” with a spirit or a situation in question. Sometimes spirit will pop in, or stay with me until the reading because, well, they get excited to talk to us! However, they are not intrusive and are not present for things like showers, going to the bathroom and intimate moments. We always have control over what information is coming in to us. Its kind of an “ask and ye shall receive” situation in the sense that if we say we do not want to “see” or “hear” spirits, we can ask (or demand) that spirit leaves us alone. We ultimately have control over what comes in and how it affects us, but we have to advocate for ourselves and our families.
  • I do not see spirits standing in front of me like a human person. We all receive messages in different ways, and I usually see them like a picture or memory in my thoughts. It’s like imagining your favorite person or place – you can most likely envision it easily and clearly. When I connect to higher vibrational planes, it’s like I’m going to another place in my mind where I can see your etheric body, spirit guides, angels, occasionally past life versions of you, and possibly other beings. It is on this astral plane that your loved ones also make themselves known. Sometimes they show me pictures of their lives or a situation in question. Oftentimes, pieces of these pictures are representational, that is, the details may not match exactly, but will represent what happened. It is like a game of telephone. If a spirit is passing on a message, bits and pieces may be exact or similar, but there can be items lost in translation. I will also “hear” information as thoughts passed along to me. It isn’t like someone is speaking in my ear (although that has happened when I have encountered earthbound spirits), but I will know a spirit is talking and what they are saying.
  • I do not go looking for dark entities. Some Mediums have a calling to “hunt ghosts” or seek out dark forces. I have encountered some earthbound spirits that are negative, and have even encountered some dark forces (of unknown origin) along the way, but my calling is to work with the light. My purpose is rooted in helping individuals function at the highest vibration possible, opening them up to learning and enlightenment. Sometimes people have a dark being attached to them (I’ve even had a few) which can contribute to a feeling of depression and despair. Typically, people just don’t feel like themselves and usually feel drained of energy when this is occurring. It is important to ask for help moving these entities on from spirit guides and angels, because their presence can effect us negatively. It is really none of my business where the “helpers” take them after disconnecting them from a person, but it is my responsibility to help rid you of them! It is a good rule of thumb to “protect” yourself if you are going into a location where people have died, or where history is particularly thick, by surrounding yourself with a “bubble” of white light. You can repeat, “I do not allow any negativity in or out of my ‘bubble’. I am protected and grounded.” This should keep out any dark beings that might be attracted to your energy.

All of that being said, I believe that everyone has the potential to connect with the spirit world in the same way I do. Its all about being in tune with yourself and listening to your intuition, which is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Don’t dismiss those (positive) messages you receive from day to day. If you are hearing an auto play of negativity from your internal voice, THAT isn’t intuition, that is your ego and it should be dismissed. You may even want to jot down the negative messages you receive and meditate on WHY you might be sending yourself these messages. What problem needs to be resolved so that you aren’t criticizing yourself continuously? How did this criticism begin? Does it sound like something someone close to you has said in the past? Once you can acknowledge that the negativity is coming from your ego, and the positive messages are coming from your higher self, you will recognize the positive messages and welcome them. The negative messages will also diminish because they won’t have the power they once did!

So listen to your intuition, recognize the divine within yourself and if you need help, please ask for it. We were not put on this planet alone because we are meant to be resources for each other.

Sending you Love, Light and Peace,