The Journey Continues…

For the last 15 years, I have been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. I’ve always had the intuition that there was more out there, besides what I experienced in my relatively limited Catholic and Lutheran upbringing. Its not that I didn’t believe what I was told, but I had questions and I knew there were things I couldn’t explain that weren’t discussed in religious circles, and I wanted to know more.

As a teen, my group of friends represented the Judaeo-Christian religious spectrum, from Baptist and Methodist to Church of Christ, Catholic, Presbyterian and the Church of Mormon. Although several of their doctrines vary greatly, there was the common denominator of good people, having faith, and who was I to say that any one of them were incorrect? This led me to my belief that being spiritual and being a loving human being really had nothing to do with the idea of religion. Religion is a man-made concept and while it can definitely support one’s spirituality, it may also hinder it. When you are given parameters to examine spirituality within, you tend to stay within those parameters. You go to church, possibly are filled with the spirit while worshiping, but may not necessarily venture beyond those boundaries.

To me, this is a problem. I didn’t come by this conclusion directly, but after several years of having intense supernatural experiences and atheistic/agnostic tendencies, which led to me reconnecting with my God-center. And by God, I’m not talking “old man with a long beard” kind of situation. I think of God as the benevolent force connecting all people, planets, universes, trees, lizards, whatever. God is the universal force that keeps us growing, loving, thriving, that really has nothing to do with any form of punishment, vengeance, or anything negative we humans impose on each other or ourselves. Our hell is created by self, or our ego, more specifically. It is the lower version of our higher self, that which criticizes, doubts, envies and makes us less than comfortable in our own existence. Once we recognize that there is no divinity in that little voice that hinders our spiritual progression, we can release it (or tell it to “shush” from time to time). But its not easy – our ego is cunning, adaptive and sometimes pathological. Keeping your “center”, as I will discuss later, helps keep the “angry little man” at bay, but it is definitely a task that requires constant love and attention, like a garden. If you let a few weeds poke through, your mind can quickly become overrun with negativity and critical thinking.

So this is how my journey continues. I will write as often as possible and share some of the wisdom I’ve acquired with whomever wants to listen or needs the guidance at that moment. Sharing what I have learned is my way of “paying it forward” and sharing what’s in my heart. I hope you’ll join me on this amazing journey through life on earth and experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Sending you love, light and peace.