I think God can explain…

Its the main question that divides “believers” and “non-believers”… does God exist? Why is “belief” important, and why does it so many people angry when other humans don’t believe?

The belief in an otherworldly figure who supports life on earth is an idea as old as humankind. As cavemen graduated from a life of basic subsistence to a life of contemplation, they began to theorize how and why things happened. Many of these theories have been wiped away with the advent of modern science, aside from the basic… why are we here? The ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Mesopotamian civilizations (among many others) all had theories that replicated Gods based on the ego-centric idea that man is the being, and God is the dreamy version of man with all the power. Then add in a sprinkle of powerful, mystical beings who affect the weather, the cosmos, the underworld, etc, and you have a perfect explanation of why things are the way they are. Makes sense, right?

We have gone through many incarnations of “saviors”, with dogma hinging on the bad vs. evil concept, but man seems to be totally hung up on determining WHICH ONE IS THE CORRECT GOD. I’ve always found this curious, especially being raised Catholic, because the idea that one deity is correct has never made sense to me. I remember being in catechism class with our teacher talking about missionaries’ “important work in Africa to show the natives the way to God, so they could go to heaven”. I asked how or why they would believe this, if they have never heard of Christianity and it wasn’t something that was part of their culture. My teacher responded with something like, “Well, they better come around to it, and God would help them get there.”

This has never sat well with me. Why would a person (who simply encounters a stranger), change their beliefs completely because a new reality was presented to them? One word: fear. If you are told, “Hey, better give up on your Goddess of Fertility because you will end up burning in the fiery pit of hell, otherwise,” I can see how you might think twice about your current situation. But who decides which God is right, and why should we believe them? This is the major problem I have with monotheistic beliefs and their affect on the world. Dogma can be very damaging to society, creating separation between people and a need to label each other as “wrong” or “right”, which has destroyed millions of people and countries.

I’ll tell you what I understand to be true. God is a universal law, a consciousness, a connection to all things, the sum total of love. All beings are of God, because all beings come from this connection… this force of the universe. Therefore, all beings are God, him/herself. If this is God, by definition, anything that is the opposite of God, is not beneficial to man. If you are not being loving, if you are separating yourself from other men, you are not connected to your brothers through the God source. And don’t forget, you are God, so if you are not extending this love to yourself, you are not “loving God”.

I also believe that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Saints, etc, were all great messengers who came to Earth to share what God is, with one fatal flaw: they were human. Along with priests, nuns, oracles, seers, psychics, etc., we are able to interpret God through our human eyes, which have experienced great bias of “what is correct” during our life on Earth. As religion was developed, it was done through our lens of humanity… so it is therefore, made imperfect. Why then, do we need it to subsist? Even in “New Age” thought, some practitioners have throngs of followers, because humans crave the connection and designation of thought. We love labels: they help us decide who we are and who we belong with!

But just like our admiration or hate for the “popular girls” in high school, these designations change over time because we mature, we lose interest, we find new truths that speak to us. We spend lots of time searching for meaning, connection and God within a particular identity, instead of contemplating the fact that God is each one of us, and so therefore, we should perfect ourselves. We are the spiritual piece of God that is doing everything it can to get our physical body’s attention, but we ignore it and search for MORE. If we can strip back the layers we have built up, layers that represent where we’re from, what our style is, how we live our lives, we get to the core being that is wasting away – a skeleton-like being who hasn’t been nourished.

When I clear my clients’ chakras and adjust their energy flow, the final connection is always to their higher selves. Nine times out of ten, the higher self stretches its arms wide, smiles and looks at me with an “its about time” expression, because the client is finally giving some attention to the real being behind the human mask. Our souls or our etheric bodies are the “us” who gets neglected – the God within. When we turn inward and do what we can to release old patterns, clear our bogged-down energy, and feed our connection to ourselves, our God-light grows stronger. That is why the number one advice from our spirit guides and higher self is to meditate! Meditation is re-connection with the part of yourself that hides behind the hair, the accent and the clothes. It is the “you” that is concerned with whether or not you are learning the things you came here in a human body to learn more about. Ignoring this beautiful source of love, inspiration and wisdom is the way we get off track… the way our ego takes over and makes stupid mistakes that we must spend years trying to unlearn.

So if you haven’t figured out my stance on God and the self by now, please take this message with you: find the God within. Whether you believe in the outward manifestation of a man with a gray beard, or a blue goddess with many arms, as long as you are connecting with and honoring the beautiful piece of Universal Consciousness that resides within you, you will be following the path that leads to your own enlightenment… and finding your God-center.


Sending Love, Light and Peace,



Shifting: The way of 2017

One thing is certain about 2017: this is a time of monumental change.

Humanity is undergoing a massive shift, which initiates this year. The Scorpio full moon taking place this evening is a strong activator, initiating the potential of our being. One thing I am certain of is that this moment is about shedding off any pretenses we have, including following any path that isn’t completely our own. So if you think you know where you’re headed, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Over the last year, I’ve awakened to my higher self, become acquainted with my amazing spirit guides, and connected with some wonderful beings who’ve helped me over many lifetimes. However, I recently was informed that it was time for a reset. I went through several weeks feeling very little connection to spirit and knew that I wouldn’t know why until the time was right. (Cue May 10th). I know now that I’ve been allowing my ego to make some decisions that aren’t right for my spiritual and life path. The reset helped me release everything I thought I knew, and my influx of information helped understand my future path.

The utmost importance for everyone moving forward is two-fold. We MUST follow the path that is true to our own being, and we MUST learn to listen to the guidance we are given. This seems like simple instructions, but can easily be drowned by the hum of daily life. Centering is one way to reset each day, and a great way to do that is by a short mediation every morning. Another way to connect to internal (and external) guidance is by practicing silence every day. During these moments, don’t dismiss any feelings or thoughts you may have. It would be helpful to write any information you receive down to refer to later.

Consider also what you do daily. Are your actions based on what you really want to achieve, or are they based on what others have done to achieve “success” in their lives? If you are following someone else’s path, you will waste time and effort in your life’s journey. Spend time mapping out how you can incorporate what you love into your daily practice. As my guides say, “Your daily practice becomes your life.” The time is now to begin doing what our soul desires…no one else can do the job for us. No more excuses.


Sending you Love, Light and Peace,