Ascension – The process of growing in your spirituality to the point that your vibration on a cellular level increases.

Awakening – The process of “waking up” to your divinity in this lifetime. This includes pursing internal and external changes that contribute to your spiritual growth. It may include remembrances of past lifetimes, visions, dreams and otherworldly experiences. At this time, many people are “waking up” and will continue to do so, as the earth’s consciousness is elevated.

Chakras – Your seven chakras are the connection point your body has to the universe, and they regulate the flow of energy through your body.  A lack of energy flow in the Chakras can affect the physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health of an individual. See for more information.

Etheric Body – See for more information.

Higher Self – Sometimes called your “soul”, but described as the eternal component of yourself that is completely aligned with the divine, and which guides you in the true purpose of your being.

Lower Self – Sometimes called your “ego”, but described as the component of your being which is comprised of your weaknesses, faults and negative thought patterns

What happens after we die?  – This is a really great explanation of what I know to be true about what happens when we leave our physical body…

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