My Services…

Together, this is what we work on in a Remote Reading to Heal ($150)

  • Connect to your energy in the etheric realm, which is a dimension where rapid and total healing is accessed
  • Assess blockages and CLEAR them from your energy field
  • Read your Aura and talk about the meaning of the field color
  • Read, assess and HEAL your chakras with the aid of Guides
  • Recommend a “Power Stone” to assist you at this time, with an explanation of its benefits for you
  • Receive guidance from your Guides, my Guides, Past Life Selves, and occasionally loved ones. (This is not all guaranteed at each reading – it is totally dependent on what you need in your life)
  • Recommendations moving forward to accomplish the guidance you are given.

My work is done remotely, so you do not have to come to me to be read! I deliver your results via email or video.

A la carte menu:

  • Ask one question via email/text: $20
  • Energetic Healing/Clearing: $80
  • Oracle Card reading/consult (video): $75
  • “Power Stone” selection/info for you: $20

What I am NOT, and what I do NOT do:

  • Remove spells or cast spells
  • Tell your fortune
  • Make the changes in your life for you
  • Provide genie services
  • Solve all your problems
  • Contact dead loved ones. I can refer you to some very talented Mediums who specialize in this type of healing.

Life is a journey. I was given a set of tools to help others in the way I can. We go deep to release trauma, get your energy in a good place, and to give you recommendations moving forward. The rest is up to you!